Frequently asked questions


VIRAGUARD - XAP is a ready to use single application liquid which kills 99.99999% of germs and leaves a long-lasting colourless, odourless protective coating which continues to physically attack and destroy the microbe cell walls thus inhibiting further growth.

How does It defend against virus/infection?

When applied to a surface, the blend of biocides works synergistically to rapidly kill the resident microbial population. An anti-microbial barbed wire type protective coating then bonds invisibly to the surface, be it solid or fabric.

What does electrostatically charged mean?

The Bacterial cell is negatively (-) charged. The antimicrobial molecule is positively (+) charged. The bacteria are statically drawn onto the surfaces; so VIRAGUARD - XAP creates a barbed wire surface coating.

Does VIRAGUARD kill Coronavirus & other enveloped viruses/cells?

Once the cell wall has been ruptured by the barbed wire VIRAGUARD - XAP Protective coating the Viral and Bacteria cells die** (RIP Covid 19)

VIRAGUARD - XAP contains no alcohol and unlike disinfectants will not cause microbes to build up any resistance to being destroyed and mutate becoming superbugs. It is non-toxic and safe to use anywhere near children, adults and pets to clean and protect all soft and non-porous hard surfaces. All active ingredients are registered with the European Chemicals Agency. Our active ingredient is registered with ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) for use on almost all surfaces from porous absorbent materials to hard non-porous surfaces.)

What is left behind after treatment?

When applied to a surface by Viraguarding; our solution leaves behind a mono-molecular layer that permanently bonds to the surface. These molecules are antiviral and antimicrobial and form a covalent bond on the hard surface or on the textile-producing a barbwire of positively charged microscopic spikes.

The positively charged microscopic spikes attract negatively charged microbes and viruses. The spikes puncture the cell walls of the microbes and viruses, killing them mechanically. This layer of antimicrobial spikes remain on the surfaces and carry on killing all dangerous bugs for an extended period of time. Normal hygienic cleaning of surfaces and textiles can continue as normal and does not wash away the antimicrobial’s activity.